The I-ntarsiatm Family

If you are looking for a website development platform, you probably don't want to be stuck out on a limb on your own. Our stories section will give you much more information about the people who are already partners, and the type of projects they undertake.

The Trusted Website Delivery Platform

I-ntarsiaTM is a hosted web site development and delivery platform. I-ntarsia is ideal for front-end design or marketing lead agencies who want to deliver technically strong web projects.

When you select i-ntarsia as a platform for a website project you get:

  • Freedom to create stunning websites
  • World class content management
  • Blue chip hosting and infrastructure
  • Proven track record in delivering all levels of site
  • Outstanding technical backup and bid support
  • Huge range of off-the-shelf modules

Take a look around our site to find more about our technology and business offering. When you are ready, please get in touch for a demonstration.